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“A journey of a thousand miles must begin with a single step.” – Lao Tzu


I heard the best line today. One of my students came over to my desk and saw my phone sitting there. She picked it up and said, in the most nonchalant kind of way, “nice, iPhone” and then her face lit up and she got really excited and said “Steve Jobs!” and then walked away. It was hilarious and totally made my day. The other thing that made my day was the fact that all my club classes were cancelled today because of the Typhoon (yay another one... said no one ever because the wind and the rain make commuting to work really annoying). All the students had to leave school to go home by 2 so I didn’t have to teach any extra classes this afternoon. That is what I call a happy Monday. Also it’s my first payday so that’s a double yay. Although I still don’t have a bank account because I don’t have my ARC card yet (September 25th cannot get here soon enough) so I have to receive my payment in cash form… talk about a stressful bus ride home knowing you’re carrying that much cash on you. I mean, I know no one else knows I have that much on me, and crime is not something I am worried about here, it is just one of those things that comes with being an American I guess. Always think the worst of others. I have come to the conclusion that Americans are paranoid, and most of them have good reason when it comes to crime, but here I don’t have good reason because crime is not prevalent. So I clearly need to get over that.

I really cannot wait until I get my ARC card because I really want internet in my apartment and I really miss having a phone. I think I mumble about that during each of my blog posts but I didn’t quite realize just how much I used the data on my phone until I didn’t have it anymore. Trying to make plans to meet people is difficult when you can’t get a hold of them once you have left. I was meeting someone a few weeks ago and she had to cancel but I had already left my apartment so I didn’t get the message until I miraculously found some free wifi floating around the subway station. It could have been averted if she could have just called me or if I had had a data plan and Facebook would have just notified me. I didn’t even think that half the games I have on there don’t work because it can’t connect with the game center. Although what I really wanted to keep and be able to use while I was here is the Korean language application and thankfully I do not need internet for that. If I did I would be screwed. I have used that application more times than I can count while I am out trying to order food or something and it has saved me. I wish the dictionary didn’t need internet but we can’t win them all. People used to get by just fine without having constant access to everything but man, I tell you what, once you know what’s it like there is no going back. I mean not to be melodramatic or anything but think about never having running water again or a microwave… the convenience just gone and having to work for everything again… nope, not fun,… come on September 25th!

I bought my first stitch of clothing in Korea this weekend. I am a little more excited than I think I should be but it’s a green and brown scarf that has an old map design. Pretty much the most amazing scarf I’ve bought myself (it comes a close third to the beautiful scarves my friends bought me in Italy and India *shout out to Nicole and Marize*). I also bought a green sweater type thing and some black shoes. I am really going to have to learn self-control when it comes to shopping here. Everything is super cute and super cheap. Although I am at least getting really good at saying no to things that I know are overpriced (20,000 won for a shirt? No thank you). And if you have ever gone shopping with me before you know I have terrible buyer’s remorse and that has yet to happen with any of my purchases while in Korea. Improvement! Well... I guess not for my wallet because I pretty much only buy things I am certain I can return and I have no idea if returning is even something that can be done here. Well... I'll just have to be careful.

I am starting to get annoyed with the managing teacher at my school. She is expecting miracles when it comes to me knowing exactly what she wants with things. Like lesson planning. I have never had to make a lesson plan before in my life that had to be reviewed for other people's benefits. I have made lesson plans for myself just so I know what I'm going to talk about during a class but never anything that I had to turn in. So I've been making my lesson plans just so I know what I'm doing. Well apparently that isn't good enough and instead of her telling me she has my co-teacher do it by showing me the managing teacher's lesson plans. I'm sorry. You have how many years teaching experience and I have what, a grand total of less than 3 official weeks? Yeah.. I don't think so. And I realize they are paying me to be a teacher but they want their teachers to put in hours of extra overtime and I am not down for that. I came here to teach but to also see the country and have time to do my own thing. I have to leave and be at the bus stop by 730 in the morning and I don't get home until close to 6 and then they want me to put in hours of work at home making worksheets and creating power points and games... this is not what I signed up for. I was told I would have everything provided and I would basically be there to make sure pronunciation was right and to help my co-teacher... not be the creative mastermind behind everything. Gah. Ok, rant done. It really isn't that bad I am just really tired and just spent two hours making a power point and writing out questions for tomorrow's lesson. I am pretty sure I am going to stay another year I just highly doubt it is going to be with the same school. The previous foreign teacher did say she could not work with "that woman" (meaning the managing teacher) so I guess I am just finding out a little bit at a time why.

  • le sigh* I have to get some sleep. So, until the next time!

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Hello Charlene! Sometimes we have to take the good with the bad. Say to yourself, "In time this to will pass". Try getting to know your managing teacher on a more personal level, bring her little gifts, something to brighten her day or make her smile.

by Aunt T

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